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Using The Power of IoT to Optimize Facility Operations
Welcome to the world of SGS Connect. With innovation at the core of our DNA, our skilled team of engineers and designers has pioneered cutting-edge IoT products that are transforming facility management, automation, and networking. We aim to provide user-friendly interfaces and seamless integrations with existing systems, enabling enhanced efficiency, productivity, and an exceptional user experience. We are driven by our unwavering passion for harnessing the potential of IoT to address real-world challenges, resulting in impactful solutions that benefit both companies and individuals.

IoT Solutions




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Our Solutions

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Providing comprehensive monitoring, real -time data analysis, and intelligent automation to effortlessly maintain impeccable sanitation standards.
Revolutionizing Sanitary Management
Real-time Monitoring & Data-Driven Insights
Better Control and Visibility
Resource Optimization and Waste Reduction
Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
Optimied Sanitation Standards


Gain real-time insights, Real time occupancy indicator, and optimize space utilization for enhanced efficiency and optimal tracking.
Optimized Detection Angle
Cloud Connectivity
Plug and Play Design
Wide Horizontal Coverage
Real time Occupancy Indicator
Accurate Reports and Analytics


Automate power cycling, reduce downtime and enhance customer satisfaction by eliminating manual interventions and optimizing operational expenses.
Automatic & Remote Power Cycling
Automated Troubleshooting
Power Voltage Monitoring
Network Health Metrics
Reporting and Analytics
Forecasting and Preventive Measures

Our Products


DOT is a cutting-edge IoT sensor that reshapes our entire facility management solution. DOT empowers optimal efficiency and secured outputs with versatile sensing capabilities, precise data insights, and seamless integration


LINK is the universal gateway that effortlessly collects and processes data from various IoT DOTS (Sensors) With reliable connectivity and superior performance, LINK ensures uninterrupted data flow for optimal IoT operations

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Innovative & cutting-edge IoT devices
Customizable solutions
Real-time monitoring and alerts
User-friendly interfaces
Improved air quality and environment
Regulatory compliance
Experienced team
Exceptional customer support

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